Here are some quick and easy links to follow for other online Ultimate resources:

USA Ultimate
The national governing body of the sport of Ultimate in the United States. Highlights, promos, and footage from championship events can be found on their Youtube channel.

World Flying Disc Organization (WFDF)
The international governing body of the sport of ultimate. Featuring links to other, individual, governing bodies and information on international events.


An online news media site dedicated to Ultimate – analysis, opinion, and video packages of college, club, and beyond. Highlights and games are featured on their Youtube channel.

Skyd Magazine
An online magazine that celebrates the sport of ultimate with honest, original content. Their Youtube channel is full of content ranging from games to documentaries.

Reddit – r/ultimate
A subreddit devoted to Ultimate-based discussions and sharing ultimate-based content from around the internet.

Sludge Ultimate
Random thoughts and data sets about Ultimate, Frisbee, flying discs & more.

Major League Ultimate (MLU)
Semi-professional Ultimate league, currently based in eight cities. Promos, highlights, and full games can be found on their Youtube channel.

American Ultimate Disc League (AUDL)
Semi-professional Ultimate League, currently based in 25 cities. Highlights, insight, and full games on their Youtube channel.

Rise Up Ultimate
Video series to bring high level and high quality Ultimate education to everyone.

Ultimate Results Coaching Academy
An online conference of coaches and builders within the ultimate community.

Without Limits
An organization dedicated to growing and empowering women in ultimate.


The Huddle
A discontinued publication about building strategic knowledge in the ultimate community.


High Release
The spiritual successor to The Huddle, seeking to breakdown questions about the game.

Ultimate Globe Trotter
A travel-focused web series featuring the sport of ultimate around the world.




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