POLL: The Semi-Pro Leagues – Which Change Would You Rather See Happen?

In the wake of Jeff Snader’s resignation as CEO and Commissioner of Major League Ultimate, what change would you like to see within semi-professional ultimate?


POLL: Which Championship Would You Rather Win?

In the wake of the WFDF World U23 Championships, the middle of the semi-pro playoffs for both leagues, and the beginning of the USA Ultimate Triple Crown Tour, we want to know which championship is the most important, the most impressive and the most prestigious…

Talking to Myself: WCBU, Buzz vs Iron and Respect

By: Jimmy Leppert

Welcome to what could be described as a grab-bag. I’ll talk to myself about topics within ultimate from the past week, or whenever. In this first iteration, I dive into the upcoming World Championships of Beach Ultimate, the end of Buzz Bullets vs. Ironside from WUCC 2014 and showing respect to others while coaching.

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MLU Player Experience Chart

By: Jimmy Leppert

Major League Ultimate (MLU) recently published a handy-dandy infographic, full of easily digestible information that sets their league apart – not only from the AUDL, but from USA Ultimate as well. Infographics are the darling of the internet; they make ideas and data more readily available and more readily shared. Getting to the ideas behind the MLU, what makes the league successful today and how they plan to continue in the future is the core idea behind this infographic. Lets take a look! Continue reading →