Ultimate Without Nationals: Competition Finds a Way

By: Oreo

Joining the Ultimate community in the U.S. has always provided a pretty simple schedule and plan. You get a team together, and then in the spring you plan a series of tournaments to attend. This all culminates in participating in the USA Ultimate championship series. This is a straight forward and awesome process. It provides players with clear goals, a purpose behind each tournament, and finally: a final series of tournaments that have a higher level of play. It is easy to think of every step as a building process towards Nationals. Continue reading →


Ultimate: Trading Suspense for Humor

By: Oreo

Everyone watches as the throw sharply heads for the ground. Before the thrower fully realizes they turfed it, you hear “Nice throw bro.” Or maybe with the game on the line, a cutter catches a big 20 yard in cut. Instead of applause from the side line, he only hears numerous shouts of “HAMMER.” Heckling comes in all forms and exists at all levels of play. As a community, we love and enjoy our heckling. But, it does create an interesting atmosphere for high level games. Continue reading →