Why do you and your teammates yell “UP”? So those playing know what’s going on.

That is the simple purpose of ‘Up Call’, so that those on the sideline of ultimate can share their view on what’s going on within the sport. All levels, all leagues, all divisions. All of ultimate.

This is a blog, plain and simple, from authors who have enjoyed playing the sport and now enjoying talking about the sport as well. In a way, the sport of ultimate has become a bad romantic-comedy. A funny, suspenseful sport with a little bit of tragedy; and yet despite it all, the player gets the disc. But someone had to yell “UP” first.

We do hope to give others a chance to yell “UP” as well. If you’re interested in writing for ‘Up Call’, visit this page to learn how you can contribute.

Find Up Call on Twitter, @upcallultimate. We’re also on Instagram, sharing badly filtered photographs, @upcallultimate.


Jimmy Leppert

Jimmy has been writing about ultimate almost as long as he’s been playing it competitively. He enjoys watching all levels of the sport, and finds himself watching ultimate much more than he does playing lately. Besides here, Jimmy can be found writing hockey on his other blog Time on Ice, game previews for the AUDL’s Rochester Dragons, occasionally on USA Ultimate’s website previewing and recapping events, and on Twitter @thejimleppert.

Justin ‘NILLA’ Pierce

Justin started playing with discs in high school and found competitive ultimate in college. Only recently did he begin sharing his thoughts on the sport with anyone out of earshot. Interested in ultimate? Don’t follow his Twitter account @jpierce2800.