Men’s Nationals Pool Predictions

(Probably wrong) predictions about the Men’s division at the upcoming USAU Club Nationals event.

2015 Men's Club Nats Predictions

Pool A

Revolver has an easy time and stays undefeated, Machine plays steady but falters against Revolver, Madison Club proves to be a tough opponent but falls, and Patrol is simply overmatched against Revolver and Machine. Of course, Revolver vs MachineĀ is the game to watch.

Pool B

Doublewide takes care of business, Ring of Fire rebounds from regionals to take second, I think Rhino might have matchup problems in these games, and Sub Zero can’t hold up and falls in all three games. Ring of Fire against Rhino is the game to watch.

Pool C

Sockeye beats opponents with their physicalness and tactics on the field, the combination of Truck, Florida and GOAT all play great games against each other but it’s Truck that comes out with more wins, with Florida United and GOAT right behind. Really hoping a bunch of these games end up streamed and filmed by Ultiworld at the tournament – Truck versus Florida for game to watch?

Pool D

Ironside shows their experience, High Five still successful with wins over Bravo and Fire, while Bravo looks weakened and Prairie Fire just falters. Game to watch is maybe High Five against Johnny Bravo, but Ironside against High Five should also be great.

Bracket play predictions coming up as well!

This post has been edited as of 9/29.


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