Quick Thought: Men’s Club Nationals Pools

An extremely quick look at how pools turned out for the upcoming USAU Men’s Club Nationals in Frisco, Texas.

2015 Men's Club Pools

Pool A – Seems like a great warmup for Revolver. A challenge in Machine without a doubt, but should easily carry them into the pre-quarters round. Machine is given a chance to shock and awe early in the tournament, while Patrol and Madison Club have upset opportunities before bracket play begins.

Pool B – Has the potential to be a tire fire, in a good or bad way. If one team just runs away with the pool, with little challenge by their opponents for the top spot, that won’t be to enjoyable. But if Rhino beats Ring, Ring beats Sub, Sub beats Doublewide, and Doublwide beats Rhino (and so on, and so forth), this could be a really interesting pool. Also coming at us with the ‘Pool Most Likely Not to Have a Semifinalist’ high school superlative.

Pool C – Looks like it could be an easy yet challenging day at first glance. But every team in this pool have the potential to take the top spot, or even end up in the semi-finals. It really isn’t too far out of the question, even for GOAT now that they’re (presumably) sending full strength rosters to the tournament.

Pool D – Killer pool for Prairie Fire, in two of the three other pools they could win (possibly) two games – not sure in this pool. The pool also really hurts Bravo’s repeat chances early in the tournament. 3 out of the 4 teams in this pool could realistically be finalists at the end of the tournament, not just getting to the quarter or semi-finals of the tournament.


Predictions for pools and bracket play coming up later in the week as well.


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