The Spectator: All-Stars Come Back! (I Just Can’t Live Without You)

By: Jimmy Leppert

Hello and welcome to (a shortened version of…) ‘The Spectator’. The All-Star Ultimate Tour is over, and it needs to come back.

(Again, this is a shortened version of the Spectator for this week. Expect a full-fledged, awesome, Spectator back next week…. hopefully.

One Thing

Two great videos for the end of the All-Star Ultimate Tour. I had the chance to see the tour in person while they were in Brooklyn on Monday night, and what a fantastic experience that was. Besides the support for women’s ultimate, it was an exciting game of ultimate! While the All-Stars beat NY BENT soundly, there were still big plays from each side of the disc. The All-Stars themselves, I thought looked even more impressive in person. The Brute Squad game is amazing, even if it does make Bandit the worst predictor of ultimate ever. (The bunny will be back still, don’t worry.)

BUT IT’S OVER!!! (sad face emoji x1000)

Come back next year and every single year All-Star Ultimate Tour. You were fantastic. Nothing will beat the magic of the NexGen Tour. You took it to another level.



Do This

Buy This


Listen to This


  • The sound in the streets is the All-Star Ultimate Tour. That link is above, my friend.

Read This


Watch This

  • If you don’t already know what to watch, I am disappointed in you.
  • The only excuse is if you’ve already viewed each game a few dozen times. In which case, give your eyes a break and throw some plastic outside. You’ve earned it.

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