Bandit Picks the Weekends and Tour

The prodigal bun(ny) returns. Bandit the Bunny is back, with picks for the MLU Championship, the AUDL Championship Weekend, and the four remaining games of the All-Star Ultimate Tour!

After a disappointing finish at the College Championships, Bandit wanted to take some time off to reflect on what went wrong in his previous selections. But, determined not to be driven away from his predicting ways, or to be outdone by some German octopus, Bandit has returned on one of the biggest weekends of ultimate this year.

Some more fun facts on Bandit:

  • Doesn’t like green beans. At all. Throws hissy-fits when presented with a green bean.
  • Is still a bunny.
  • Doesn’t like long car rides, cannot drink pina-coladas, and being caught in the rain would be bad for him.
  • Enjoys listening to vinyl records, because he’s like so hip.
  • Has recently met a dog, and two cats, and considers them ‘friends’.
  • Doesn’t understand theĀ Comedy Bang! Bang! podcast but laughs anyway.

Without further ado…


Or click here if the embedded player isn’t cooperating with your browser.


Bandit’s Picks for reference:

  • MLU Championship:
    Boston Whitecaps
    over Seattle Rainmakers
  • AUDL Championship Weekend:

    • Semi-Final Games – Saturday
      Raleigh Flyers over Madison Radicals
      Toronto Rush over San Jose Spiders
    • Finals – Sunday
      Toronto Rush over Raleigh Flyers
  • All-Star Ultimate Tour:
    D.C. Scandal over All-Star Team
    Philadelphia Green Means Go over All-Star Team
    NY Bent over All-Star Team
    All-Star Team over Boston Brute Squad

Bandit shall return for future picks this summer! If, ya know, he wants to eat some carrots.

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