The Spectator: All-Star Tour kicks ass

By: Jimmy Leppert

Hello and welcome to ‘The Spectator’. Talking the newly announced All-Star Ultimate Tour, and some awesome new music.


One Thing


The All-Star Ultimate Tour 2015: to promote women in ultimate. Announced just earlier this week, the All-Star Ultimate Tour – or the women’s version of the NexGen Tour – is off to a great start. In only three days, they’re only a few thousand dollars away from their goal, and putting together an amazing series of events to showcase just how great women’s ultimate is reaches reality.

Much like the NexGen Tour before them, the All-Star Ultimate Tour will be traveling to 9+ cities to match a group of women college all-stars against some of the top club women’s teams in the nation. From July 17th to August 14th, the team will travel to play these games, while also live-streaming each of the games (for free, by the way). As they put it on their website and fundraising page, the tour ” is an opportunity to show the world how powerful and skilled female athletes are.” A tour like this has often been talked about as impossible, or without enough interest, on various online ultimate forums. In no time at all, the ultimate community has responded with a resounding “NOPE”, as the funding has almost reached its goal, and buzz for the tour reached sky-high levels.

It’s a great time for women’s ultimate right now. Aside from the tour, there are the two great awards announced on Ultiworld from Mike Lawler – Emily Bacher won the 2015 Michelle Ng Inspiration Award, and Rachel Habbert won the 2015 True Veteran Award. The awards themselves are a great honor to two of the ultimate communities finest, and pay tribute to three tremendous voices within the women’s ultimate community in Michelle Ng, Sara Jacobi, and Jenny Fey.

I’m especially excited for the tour to kick-off though. It helps to fill two separate ultimate related voids. The first by filling in for the NexGen Tour, which closed down in 2013. That tour was something I remember getting together with college and club teammates late at night to watch games. That’s something I will without a doubt be doing for each of these games. It also helps fill in some week and weekend nights with ultimate that we may be lacking in late-July and early-August. Yes there are some Triple Crown tournaments, and U-23’s in London will have just ended, but more ultimate is never a bad thing. It’s that void you didn’t know you had until something comes to replace it. This is what’s replacing it!

Help fund the tour by clicking here to go to the IndieGoGo page. In just 3 days they’ve raised over 80% of their $35,000 goal. Lets make sure they get there. With perks ranging from a joke, to a disc, jersey, or even naming a van, they’re offering something you want.


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  • The Beyond/Where the Giants Roam  Thundercat is just phenomenal. If you were a fan of Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly, or follow Flying Lotus, you may be familiar with the funk and jazz-tastic bass player. His latest release keeps it going, and while it may be short, it certainly packs the same smooth jam. Here’s a review if you’re feeling skeptical.
  • A few artists you may recognize from years past have recently released albums, and I thought they were at least worth a listen. The first is a more recent band, Franz Ferdinand, who teamed up with Sparks (a British 70s band) for the band ‘FFS’, where they released… FFSIf weird vocal stylings with electro-noises and guitars are your thing, you may enjoy this album a lot. In the other corner, you have Neil Young. Yes, Neil Young is still making music at 69 years old. Together with the Promise of Real, they’ve released the environmentally and politically charged The Monsanto Years. It’s an anti-GMOs and corporation album, featuring Young’s trademark creaky voice.
  • From Winston Cook-Wilson of Grantland, 10-Up: The Best 2015 Rap Mixtapes You Haven’t Heard. A great variety of sound, with 10 solid mixtape selections. I particularly enjoyed Oddisee’s The Good Fight.

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