Bandit Picks the Finals

For the final two games of the 2015 D-I College Championships, Up Call’s guest ultimate expert has returned with his predictions. Hoping to go perfect on the final day, the expert has weighed in!

Fast Facts on Bandit:

  • Is a bunny.
  • Is about 5 inches tall.
  • Does not like the sound of Patagonia shorts. Five shorts, he’s okay with.
  • Has a doctorate in sniffology.
  • Often caught pretending he has no legs by sitting on top of them.
  • Has never been to a bank.
  • Is extremely disappointed the free carrots are coming to an end.

Bandit was 3 out of 8 in his quarterfinal predictions, bringing his overall total to 7 out of 16 correct. With two correct predictions today, Bandit can finish above .500!

Or try this link if the embedded player doesn’t cooperate with you.

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