Hotel Cinema: The Day After Tomorrow

By: Jimmy Leppert

Even though playoff games for the NHL and NBA are on Saturday night, nothing says college ultimate like watching a movie that will have every science-based major, or outdoorsy folk on your roster, foaming at the mouth at the inaccuracies. It isn’t as funny though if you have any conservatives. This Saturday, settle down and watch The Day After Tomorrow on AMC at 6:30pm EST.

The Day After Tomorrow, is the heartwarming story of a scientist (played by Dennis Quad) who travels through an ice-age to save his son, who is hiding with some friends and his love interest (plus a homeless man and his dog) in the New York Public Library. Other plot points involve wolves, lots and lots of snow, a Wendy’s restaurant, Dennis Quad hiking, and some science words. It is both horrible and something I get unnecessarily involved in every time I see it on TV. If this movie appeared on Netflix, no-one would hear a word from me again. I would turn into a hermit, watching only this movie. I’d wear a sleeping bag at all times, burn books for heat (even during the summer), and pay someone on Craigslist to deliver me Wendy’s food. And still, every time I watched it, I would find myself rooting for Dennis to survive, and reach his poor, stranded son, no matter how much the science behind the entire plot annoyed me.

So the science. I was a history major during undergrad, and every one of my teammates or friends who took more science-based classes than me (so 2 or more) would tease me for not knowing anything about the subject. Same with anything that had to do with math. Which is reasonable; it’s not like they wanted to have an enlightening discussion on post-WWII US culture. But hell, even I knew that the science in this movie is bogus. How quickly does that climate-event come out and start killing people, including the Queen of England! It’s insane. But, as what Wikipedia calls a ‘climate fiction-disaster film’, it started conversations. (That brings me down a whole new worm hole… does that mean Saw starts conversations about chainsaws, and how we must use them safely? Do all horror movies do this? I have a former professor that would gladly have that conversation.)

Now onto the trailer. Scroll up again, and watch it. Then let’s talk about it a bit. I know I’ve given away some of the plot points but not even Wikipedia does this cinematic classic justice.

  • Early in the trailer, you meet the homeless man and his dog. This will be an important plot point.
  • If you showed me just the first 15 seconds or so of this trailer, I would’ve guessed this was a sequel to The Birds.
  • Something I’ve neglected to mention thus far is that Jake Gyllenhaal is in this movie. He’s just great. Looking at this IMDB page though, you wouldn’t have ever guessed he was in a movie as great as this. I mean he was in Zodiac. That movie was a big deal. 
  • The cuts this trailer makes, and all the lightning it keeps showing, only makes it more dramatic. It only makes me more AFRAID.
  • Guys, it’s just a theory on what’s going on. It can’t be fact, we shouldn’t listen to it, or teach it in our schools or anything!
  • Out of all the “OH SHIT” moments they show after the old dude is all unselfish about his death, I think the airplane food and beverage cart flying down the aisle, and almost taking out Mr. Gyllenhaal’s head, is the most frustrating and blood-curdling-ly awful event. Can you imagine that? Next time you’re on a plane, picture the annoying flight attendant, and his/her reaction when the food cart is charging at them. You will understand what I mean.
  • And on that plane sequence, I’ve always wondered… as soon as a plane includes any kind of aviation-based destruction or worrying, is it banned from being shown on the in-flight movie selections? When I’m on a cruise, I don’t think I’d like to watch Titanic. Same thing here, why picture how I could die while I’m 10,000 feet up.
  • The best part about this trailer is that it shows you a sequence from every major plot point at least once. It tries to sell you not just the whole climate change = mass destruction story line, but every other idea the writers try to throw at you. That’s a bold strategy. Maybe more people would see the new Star Wars or Avengers movies if we knew more about every single story line ever.

Go watch this movie. Laugh at the climate change deniers on your team. You can recycle beer bottles, the bag your team’s bread comes in, and even plant a tree… and shove it all in their face!



The Day After Tomorrow airs at 6:30pm EST on Saturday April 18th, on AMC. And even though the answer to the question is “playing at sectionals”, you should watch this movie.


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