Thoughts on Early February D1 Coaches Poll

By: Jimmy Leppert

The newest editions of Ultiworld’s D1 Coaches Poll are out for the Men’s and Women’s divisions. Some thoughts on the standings.

Published February 12th, the Men’s edition of the D1 Coaches Poll from Ultiworld.

  • I feel, prior to Warm Up and Pres Day 2015 this weekend, we didn’t quite have a solid understanding of teams in a poll like this. Colorado is #2, and the defending champion of the division, but hadn’t played a meaningful spring game yet this season. Same went for #6 Oregon, #7 Florida, #9 Wisconsin, #10 Carleton and unranked teams like Florida State and Texas A&M.
  • Pittsburgh had two extremely close losses at Carolina Kickoff, and those teams sit at #3 and #4 in the coaches poll. Tough to argue their placement without more games, again where more tournaments played will better help examine the coaches’ choices.
  • Harvard may have gone 2-2 during pool play of Queen City Tune-Up, but making it to the semifinals keeps them at least within the discussion of the top 10.
  • Pittsburgh is far and away the #1 choice, with 22 more points than the next team. Colorado, Central Florida and North Carolina all sit within a 10 point range and all but North Carolina received first place votes. Then UNC-Wilmington sits at #5, with an almost 10 point gap between themselves and #4. Frankly, after their extremely strong Queen City Tune Up, I’m surprised they aren’t higher. Or at least within that 10 point range that rankings #2-4 sit in.
  • UMass’ position seems just right for the time being. They took out a North Carolina team that clearly struggled on the weekend, but has proven themselves to be able to build off of trying times. But their strong wins through one tournament stop there. If they return in a few weeks with another strong tournament performance, then up the rankings they should go. For now, the one finals appearance on their first try doesn’t change much.


Published February 12th, the Women’s edition of the D1 Coaches Poll from Ultiworld.

  • As pointed out in the comments section on Ultiworld, and elsewhere, it’s hard not to notice how close all the teams are.
  • Oregon is the runaway favorite, with the most first-placed votes out of the 10 contributing coaches.
  • #3 Virginia and #4 British Columbia separated by only 4 points. #5 Whitman, #6 Colorado and #7 Washington separated by only 3 points. Spots 8 through 12 (if you include the list of ‘others receiving votes’) are separated by only 7 points.
  • This shows us that so early in the season, even the coaches have no idea what’s going on in the women’s division. The tournament results have been largely regionally-based so far this season, not giving much of a cross-over, so tight bunching like this is to be expected.
  • While Central Florida’s results haven’t been stellar, I’m surprised they weren’t higher up in the rankings. Or at least gaining more votes to get into that 8-12 bunch of teams. Guess only so many votes to go around?

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