Read This: Winter 2014 USA Ultimate Magazine & More

By: Jimmy Leppert

Grab your USA Ultimate log-in information, and head over to to read the Winter 2014 issue of the member’s only magazine. After the jump, some highlights of the issue and other articles to read around ultimate:

Logged-in to USAU? Navigated yourself to the Winter 2014 issue? Good. Here we go:

  • One of the strengths of the USAU Magazine has been finding a great photo for the cover. Damn, Stanley Peterson can climb the ladder.
  • The “Letter to our Members” piece by Dr. Crawford and the infographic on 35 years of USA Ultimate do a great job summing up where the sport and organization are heading into 2015.
  • The article #HeForShe by Jonathan Neeley is a great read – and just happens to be the article that prompted this entire look at the latest magazine issue. The piece is short, but sweet. It isn’t a rant, but accurately and definitively states why women are important to the game, why it’s important to treat everyone like equals, and why having the G.U.M. program is helping to increase the number of girls interested in the game. If there’s only one article you read in this issue, make it this one.
  • For the 2014 Club National Championship recaps, Greg Gipson’s compilation of what happened in the Boston Ironside versus Raleigh Ring of Fire game (1st half2nd half) is a great look inside the minds of those who were a part of that game. Brittany Winner has a story about Columbus’ Santa Maria Mixed team; it’s an intimate look at a team which surprisingly finished tied for 7th at Nationals. And lastly, Leah Brown talks with Showdown about what defines the Texas women’s team – another great read. All three give a much more personal look at the tournament and specific journeys within. Exactly the kind of reporting that is perfect for a magazine, as all three pieces provide lessons for those hoping to make it to a tournament like Club Nationals.
  • I remember hearing the name Terrence Mitchell a lot during the USA run at the World Junior Ultimate Championships and during the Club season where he played for Ring of Fire. Jonathan Neeley hits with, I think, a very honest look at one of the up-and-coming players in the sport. It’s a shame we don’t get to see more of his play until the club season.
  • The conversation topics posed by Meredith Tosta in The Spirit Circle section of the magazine truly made me stop and think. Think about the teams I’ve played on, think about other players, and think about myself within the game. While the article is geared towards coaches, I think everyone can benefit from the self-reflection she asks of the reader.

Make sure you read this issue of USA Ultimate Magazine. Next issue is due out sometime this spring!

Other articles to read:

Apologies that two of the more decisive issues within the community now are relegated to a smaller section of this article. That wasn’t the intention when I set out to write about the magazine, and Neeley’s article. Just wanted to share what I thought was worth reading within our community this week.

And to throw out there, if any of these articles cause your brain to start twirling in a million directions, and you want to get your ideas down, send us an email or read more on how you can post something of your own.

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