A Classic Party Tournament Playlist

By: Andrew ‘Lamchop’ Cerame

Recently, Jimmy Leppert made his predictions for the men’s division of the college season. More importantly, however, he made his predictions about the sideline hits that will be gracing boom boxes everywhere all spring. In the name of open discussion within the ultimate community, I recruited playlist guru Andrew ‘Lamchop’ Cerame to build a go-to set of songs that will always be perfect for a tournament, no predictions needed. Enjoy.

This is the playlist every team needs to be listening to on the sideline. These songs will make you the most popular team, or player, on the field guaranteed – or your money back. [Editor’s note: Not really.] I can also guarantee that when you use this playlist that you will win more games, and have more fun. This was scientifically proven after years of practice by myself, and my teammates.

Call Me Maybe
By: Carly Rae Jepsen

Great song to explain how to pick up chicks, or dudes at tournaments. And call them back… MAYBE!

The next day, after you got that lady or guy from playing ‘Call Me Maybe’, you are required to stand with the boom box above your head and play this song.

I Just Had Sex
By: Lonely Island

You must play this song multiple times and let everyone know of your accomplishment. Just walk from field to field holding the boom box above your head, and let the world know you are the greatest ever.

This is a great motivator; and if you feel great about yourself, you will play better. Also people will be intimidated by obvious good looks.

Mambo #5
By: Lou Bega

It’s mambo #5, no explanation needed. If this is not your favorite song, then you’re doing it wrong!

Party in the USA
By: Miley Cyrus

This song is about the USA – the greatest country ever – making this an all-time great song. It isn’t a party until someone puts on some Miley; that’s a fact.

Jump Around
By: House of Pain

This song is a great way to warm up the team, and get the blood flowing. It’s all about dynamic stretching and I think jumping around might fall into that category. If not, screw science and just jump around and have fun anyway.

Recommended Playlist Additions
Call on Me – Eric Prydz
Wannabe – Spice Girls
Space Jam Theme Song – Quad City DJ’s
Bulletproof – La Roux
U Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer (coincidentally, a great offensive strategy)
Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It – Will Smith

There are a couple rules, beside just listening to the music, that you need to follow in order to make sure you have an extra fun time.

Rule #1 Dance Party Timeouts
This is probably the most important rule. For the few of you out there who have never experienced one of these, all you have to do is call a time-out when you have the disc and yell dance party. Everyone should then follow your lead, running to the middle of the field, and start dancing (pants: optional – any song from this list: mandatory).

Rule #2 Loud Music
The louder the music, the better. That’s it.

Rule #3 Dance Your Face Off
You must awkwardly dance and/or grind on fellow teammates or opponents (if you are bold enough).


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