Predicting Sideline Hits

By: Jimmy Leppert

Having already written actual predictions for the 2015 college season, it’s time for much more important predictions. Teams have started adding a very important piece of technology to their tournament packing list, something they can use to both amp up every single one of their teammates, and destroy the wills of opponents everywhere. I’m talking about a team boombox, and all the hot jams. (disclaimer: song lyrics contain profanities)

Take a look at the Billboard Top 100. If you’ve been on an ultimate sideline in the past few years, you’ll recognize a few names. Taylor Swift. Maroon 5. Nicki Minaj. Beyonce. The list goes on. If you don’t hear songs from these artists at tournaments this spring, are you sure you’re at a tournament? In fact, I think I saw in this season’s USA Ultimate College Division guidelines that sanctioned tournaments are required to make sure a song from Taylor Swift’s newest album 1989 is played at least once a day at each event. (editor’s note: this is not a new guideline – but we would be happy to officially suggest it)

So it wouldn’t exactly be a bold prediction to have any of those major artists named here. Instead, I’m hoping to start the trend. Or at least jump on it.

  • That song you see at #1 should be bumping at tournaments, and tournament parties. The song is “Uptown Funk!” by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars. Try watching the SNL performance from those two from late November and not dance.
  • Sorry Sam Smith, but you aren’t the only one not making music on sidelines this spring. (I’m sorry, the joke was there and it isn’t even a good joke.)
  • Big Sean and his song “I Don’t F**k with You” (featuring E-40) has one of the most ridiculous music videos ever. Players everywhere hoping to recreate whatever it was that happens in this explicit video though, will be making sure it ends up on their team’s playlist.
  • At a hockey game recently, I heard a different version of the song “Elastic Heart” by Sia – this one featuring The Weeknd and Diplo. The arena used it for warm-up music, and it definitely sat well for me as a fan. But I can’t mention crazy music videos and not link to the regular music video of Sia’s song.
  • This needs more guitar in the music. Coming in strong at #71, Walk the Moon with “Shut Up and Dance”. The fake-’80s feel is definitely appealing. And some of the dance moves from this guy would have fit right in on a lot of the sidelines that I remember standing on.

And lastly some quick hits:

  • If Kendrick and/or Kanye drop a new album sometime soon, the single will be bumping.
  • The ultimate world isn’t ready for D’Angelo on the sidelines.
  • “Anaconda” is everywhere.
  • Did I mention Taylor Swift?
  • This is still my go-to ultimate song, because it has everything you could ever want out of a song. Including some orchestral sounds.

What do you think?

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