Thoughts on 1st Ultiworld D1 Coaches Poll

Ultiworld just released the first ever (as far as I know) College Coaches Poll for ultimate. How awesome is this. Editor in Chief, Charlie Eisenhood, shares that for the Men’s division, every region is represented, while for the Women’s division, they are missing a few. So, since there is now a Coaches Poll, that means someone needs to talk about them… even though it’s the pre-season still, and things could look very different after games start to be played in the spring.

In the comments Eisenhood hints at more information being given to us come spring time, which will make these even more useful. No word though if we’ll see individual ballots as you do with the AP Coaches Poll in college football.

Men’s Division

Oregon leads off at #1, with 6 first place votes, and is followed by Pittsburgh (3) and UNC (2). No complaints there. At this point, all three could be contenders for the #1 spot by the end of the season. Colorado seems a bit high at #4, but we’ll give the coaches the benefit of the doubt this early in the season; the roster turnover, and loss of their coach, knocks them down a few pegs in my book. Wisconsin comes in at #6, but received one vote for first overall – I really wish we could find out who cast that vote. I’m not so much surprised at the position of teams that round out the remainder of the top ten, more at the exclusion of teams like Florida State and Harvard from the list all together. Maybe one of them should take the place of Texas A&M, but again it’s the pre-season.

Women’s Division 

Oregon again comes in ranked #1 in this poll, and that’s extremely telling of how the other teams within the Women’s division view Fugue. Especially since defending champions Ohio State, though going through some roster turnover, barely made the list with the tenth and final ranking. Again the powerhouse that is the Northwest region makes itself known this season, starting with 4 teams within the poll, and another that received votes but did not place. Look out for Tufts, from the overlooked Northeast region, and Central Florida, a semi-finalist last season, to move up the rankings as the season progresses.


Can’t wait for more Coaches Polls. It will be extremely interesting too, if Ultiworld can combine some form of the Coaches Poll, USAU rankings, and their own expert rankings – or some crazy madness like that.

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